Best Body Fat Analyzer for our Guest

I have been in the health camp business for many years. One thing that I’ve noticed is that our guest have gained weight over the years. It may be something that I over analyze but it seems that the more times pass, the more weight our guest seem to put on. Back in the 70’s everyone was running around and having a good time and not putting on weight. In the 80’s everyone was dancing and doing the moon walk so that kept of the weight. Now, everyone just sits around on the internet or watches television and does not participate in outdoor activities very much.

Charlie and I discussed with one another. Is this just a coincidence or am I on to something. We pulled out pictures from when Amber and I bought the place and the average size of people where smaller in past years. We both brainstormed and we thought to ourselves – what could make our guest happier than anything else. This is a health resort by the way, so we gathered if we could find the best body fat analyzer available, it would help our guest in the long run control their weight. Their are many options available, but we settled on the FitBit Aria Wifi Scale because of the all the options available and it syncs with smart phones.

Many other things have been bothering us also. In early years, no one had a problem with guest bringing animals to the Inn. Now I certainly love dogs and cats because I have many. But I will draw the line with pet monkeys. Someone once tried to sneak in a pet Orangutan without us noticing. But the next morning the room was in such a bad shape that we spent many months drying it up and refurbishing it. That must have been one great party they had that night. Maybe it would not have been so bad if they invented us. Dogs and kittens or any other domestic animal is always welcomed.

This will be the 8th year that we host the annual weight lost challenge. Last year Brenda Bossy from Miami, Oklahoma won the event. She lost a reported 50 pounds in 3 months. That is an outstanding accomplishment for someone who has never been involved with any weight loss programs before. Brenda reported that she had never been on a official diet before, but after seeing members in her family have so much success with program that she decided to do it.




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